Pallet covers (or pallet top sheets) are used on the top or bottom of pallets as protective covers from the dirt, dust or the weather. Top sheets for the top of pallets are used with pallet stretch wrap to enclose the pallet. They come on a perforated roll for easy tear off application. Available in clear or black.

Pallet angles (pallet edge protectors): with the help of the durable long pallet angle (made from impact resistant plastic or cardboard), you’ll be able to effectively prevent tightened straps, ropes, and chains from causing damage to your cargo. The tie-downs still remain firmly in place and still retain their grip on the load, but the pallet angle more evenly distributes the restraining pressure in order to protect the cargo. Additionally, the pallet angle can also prevent cargo with sharp edges and corners from causing abrasive damage to the tie-down assembly. Easy to install and remove, the protector can be used over and over again.