Safety Glasses & Goggles

At Packrite, we offer safety glasses and goggles that provide medium impact protection, which is the requirement for many industrial applications, such as steel and civil construction, building and manufacturing.

Our range of safety glasses and goggles can also provide eye protection in environments where workers will experience heavy air pollution with irritants like dust, smoke and soot. The anti-fog coating technology reduces condensation improving the wearer’s visibility in the field. Some designs have wraparound lenses for enhanced protection while maintaining outstanding optical quality.


Prices include GST.  ORDER QTY is box. For order less than ORDER QTY, please  call us or email for a quote. Thank you.

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EDT360, EDT361, ENU418, ENU482, ENU483, ENU485, ESG415, ESG426, ESG431, ESG456, ESG467, ESG468, ESG485

ENU418 Nevada Bronze Safety Glasses 12/Box$77.4
ENU482 Nevada Clear Safety Glasses 12/Box$74
ENU483 Nevada Smoke Safety Glasses 12/Box$74
ENU485 Nevada Silver Mirror Safety Glasses 12/Box$77.4
ESG415 Firefighters Goggles 1/Box$53.8
ESG426 Firefighters Goggles 1/Box$45.7
ESG431 Maxi-Goggles Smoke Anti-fog, Foam Bound Lens 12/Box$174
ESG456 Maxi Goggles Anti-Fog 12/Box$174
ESG485 Maxi-Goggles Shade #5, Anti-fog, Foam Bound Lens 12/Box$224.4