• Workeasy Polytril Plus Gloves
  • This sandy finish nitrile glove offers workers excellent dexterity and superior tactile sensitivity
  • Excellent for work requiring precision handling, this glove is made from low linting filament fibres
  • The Polytril palm dip absorbs oil and grease, ensuring a better grip
    Reduced hand fatigue
  • Disposable Nitrile Gloves are available powdered and powder free.
    Gloves are generally lightly powdered to make them easier to put on and off, however they can be the cause of allergies due to protein and/or chemical content.  Some gloves tend to leave powder residue after removal. Powder free nitrile gloves are made to avoid this inconvenience
  • Candy striped gloves are a general purpose economical version good for construction, mining, maintenance and landscaping.
  • Cow split chrome leather
  • Knuckle bar protection
  • Cotton back
  • Ansell Solvex 37-185 gloves offer:
  • Versatile chemical protection that performs across a diverse range of applications
  • High performance nitrile compound provides an outstanding combination of chemical resistance and strength
  • Offers superior snag, puncture and abrasion protection over rubber or neoprene gloves; suitable for heavy-duty cleaning applications
  • High levels of flexibility, comfort and dexterity; will not swell, weaken or degrade, and does not promote contact dermatitis
  • Sol-Vex gloves comply with FDA food handling requirements (21 CFR 177.2600)
  • P4003L Ninja Lite Nitrile Gloves
  • Ultralight Fashion Grade Nylon Shell for Second Skin Sensitivity
  • Feather-Light Black Polyurethane Coating conceals dirt/grime and provides excellent Wet, Dry and Light Oil Grip
  • Approximately 30% lighter than traditional Nylon/PU gloves providing unparalleled Tactile Sensitivity
  • Suitable for assembly, automotive, manufacturing, general maintenance and materials handling industries