Angleboard is used to provide rigidity and protection in the palletising and shipping of goods both domestically and for export. They helps secure the pallet load and can be used to form a stillage, or ‘protective shell’ to facilitate greater use of warehouse & transport space.
Pallets can be multi-stacked and the weight of the top pallet is taken up by the Angleboard, rather than the goods within the protected pallet.

Edge protection

  • Angleboard products have proven value time and time again preventing costly damage to the edges of stacked products during strapping, handling, transport and storage
  • Stacking strength

  • Angleboard adds stiffness and support to pallet loads… to facilitate block stacking in transportation and storage
  • Palletising

  • Combined with stretch film, Angleboard can help cut packaging costs and can be used to replace wood and other packaging materials
  • Internal Reinforcement

  • Angleboard can give extra muscle inside cartons where it’s needed, preventing product breakthrough and enhancing stacking strength at the corners
  • Stabilising / Containment

  • Angleboard provides superior containment and load stabilisation for products that are not rigid or don’t nest efficiently, this allows you to ship more products per pallet
  • Automated Assembly

  • Because Angleboard products are manufactured to the highest standards of uniformity they deliver the consistency required by high-speed automated pallet assembly systems
  • Display-Ready Packaging

  • Angleboard products and stretch film combine to make it easy for you to create secure appealing display ready pallets for the retail sector


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