Foil tape has all the qualities of aluminum but also has an adhesive that is aggressive and long lasting. It is aesthetically pleasing due to the shiny surface and is used for thermal conductivity, moisture and chemical resistance, heat and light reflectance, flame resistance and weather resistance.

Common Uses

  • Packing: Foil tape is used to prevent damages to package contents caused by moisture, vermin or heat. If you are sending packages this holiday season, outfit them with aluminum tape to ensure contents arrive unscathed
  • Electrical: Because foil tape is polymer coated, it is used to coat electrical cables. Its resistance to weather shields communication cables from the environment
  • HVAC: Foil tape far outweighs duct tape in heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems. Its high tack cold weather acrylic adhesive allows it to adhere well in low temperatures and high humidity
  • Aerospace: Since it can protect against harsh chemicals, the Navy uses aluminum tape to mask windows, seams, wheels and more on an aircraft before paint stripping. Due to the chemical resistance, it can also be used in electroplating and anodizing places
  • Marine: Due to its resistance to moisture, foil tape is perfect for the marine industry. It can be used to patch holes in boats or provide water resistance in other areas of marine


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